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Houdini, the key

Houdini, the key” se publicó en formato papel y se vendía solo por internet a través de la web del autor.

En la portada aparecen como autores: Patrick Culliton y “el fantasma de Houdini”

Título origina: Houdini, the key
Traducción del título: Houdini, la clave
Editado en:Estados Unidos
Editado por: Kierean Press
Autor:Patrick Culliton
Tema: Houdini
Formato: ….
Páginas: 460
ISBN: ……
Fecha primera edición: 31 de octubre de 2010
Ejemplares primera edición: 278
Precio primera edición: 195 dólares
Fecha segunda edición: 2 de agosto de 2011
Ejemplares segunda edición: 113
Precio segunda edición: 195 dólares


  • Introduction
  • Prologue
  • the Family
  • Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss
  • Cecelia Steiner Weiss and Her Children
  • the Boyhood
  • the Little Messenger
  • Bessie
  • Chapter One Metamorphosis
  • the Other Houdini
  • Chapter Two the Handcuff King
  • Chapter Three the Handcuff Trick
  • The Defiance Handcuff Act
  • Lewis Paul
  • Coining His Thrill in Publicity
  • The Power
  • Gaffed Cuffs
  • Chapter Four Blackburn
  • The Great Handcuff Release
  • Chapter Five the Confederates
  • Chapter Six Cologne
  • Chapter Seven the Supercuffs
  • Chapter Eight the Mirror Handcuff Mystery
  • Chapter Nine the Jail Breaker
  • the Carette
  • Light on the Subject of Jailbreaking
  • Yorkville
  • the Fairy Handcuff King
  • Chapter Ten How I Get Out of My Rope Ties
  • Chapter Eleven My Rope Escapes
  • Chapter Twelve Lessons in Magic
  • Chapter Thirteen the King of Cards
  • Chapter Fourteen Exclusive Magic Secrets
  • the Magnetic Pencil
  • the Thumb Racket
  • the Wizard Exposed
  • Chapter Fifteen the Kid Brother
  • Chapter Sixteen the Assistants
  • Chapter Seventeen the Inventors
  • Chapter Eighteen the Milk Can
  • the Double Fold Death Defying Mystery
  • A Liar Worthy of Houdini
  • Chapter Nineteen Walking Through a Solid Brick Wall
  • Chapter Twenty the Vanishing Elephant
  • Chapter Twenty-One Chained Inside a Sea Monster—the Challenges
  • the Iron Boiler
  • the Glass Case
  • the Iron Box
  • the Wet Sheet Test
  • the Mail Bag
  • Chapter Twenty-Two Boxes
  • Chapter Twenty-Three Burial At Sea
  • Chapter Twenty-Four Buried Alive
  • Chapter Twenty-Five the Man Who Read Roosevelt’s Mind
  • Chapter Twenty-Six How I Get Out of a Straight-Jacket
  • the Houdini Hardeen Straight Jacket Release
  • the Straight Jacket Release
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven the House of Mystery
  • Chapter Twenty-eight Ghosts that Talk by Radio
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine How I Do My Spirit Tricks
  • Chapter Thirty the Big Show
  • Paligenesia
  • Radio 1950
  • Chapter Thirty-One How I Unmask the Spirit Fakers
  • Chapter Thirty-Two the Yogi Masterpiece
  • Chapter Thirty-Three the Water Torture Cell
  • Index


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