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Crystal Gazing (Goldston)

Este libro también se publicó con el titulo: “Looking into de future”

Autor:Will Goldston
Año de publicación:1906
Editor:AW Gamage
Páginas:Según edición, 33 ó 44


  • Astrology
    • How to cast a horocope
      • Judge the horoscope
    • The horoscope of Will Goldstone
      • The constitution and General Health
      • Finance.
      • The aspects
      • Summary
  • Palmistry
    • Palmistry or chiromancy
    • Practical points on palmistry
  • The Planchette
  • Spiritualis
    • What is spiritualism?
    • Rules and conditions for the spirit-circle
  • Experiences
    • Weird Happening at lamberhurst
    • Locks and bolts of no avail
    • Spirited away
    • Wonderful proofs
    • Robert Houdin mystified
    • Remarkable test
    • Majuba visions
      • Archdeacon Colley's weird spiritualistic recital
    • Curious experiments
    • proof positive
    • Can animals see ghosts?
    • Haunted men and women
    • The travelling ghost
    • Seized by a hand
    • Cross on te bed
    • The compiler relates the following
    • Cross-examining a ghost
    • The haunted evangelist
    • Message from a dead son
    • Dead firl re-visits her lover
    • Ghost in a flat
    • Death foretold in a sermon
    • A dog that sees ghosts
      • Blazed with fury
    • Mustery of a medoum who made tables float in the air
    • Sir David Brewster mystified
    • “Phantasm” of a child
    • Moving heavy furniture
    • Tables floats in the air
  • The platform

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